About Us

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Our Values

The Central Toronto Athletic Club strives to display and encourage perseverance, industriousness, curiosity, honesty, respect and a commitment to excellence in all its members and staff.

Our Purpose

CTAC provides unique and innovative individualized programs, designed and implemented by accessible, nurturing coaches with international experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is that our programs will be sought out by young athletes and their families because of the contribution we will make to their lives.Our goal is excellence, whether it is for personal satisfaction or achievement of Olympic dreams.

Coaching Philosophy

“Success is the satisfaction which comes when you know you’ve done your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”  John Wooden 

 Coaches are our club’s greatest resource, and they play a large role in the success of our athletes and our programs. Our coaches want to see each of our athletes reach their full potential, and their programs are designed to develop the athlete over the long term, in a well thought out progressive training plan that is age appropriate. Our coaching staff’s priority is to build a trusting, open relationship that fosters mutual respect between the athlete and coach.  A relationship that is nurturing, supportive, critical, fair and fun, and a relationship that encourages two way communication between athlete and coach. 

Our coaches will work with each athlete to create season goals and subsequent training objectives to reach those goals, always considering the athlete’s unique circumstances and abilities. 

A good athlete is a curious athlete, always asking questions, always trying to improve. A good coach is no different. We encourage our coaches to continually upgrade their skills, allowing them to use their coaching experience with the latest finding in our sport to help our athletes develop. 

About CTAC

CTAC is a competitive running club for youths aged 9 (grade 4) and up. We are located in central Toronto and most of our athletes come from the North York, East York and Beaches area of the city. 

We offer age appropriate training for athletes in the sport of middle distance running (800, 1500, 3000, Steeple Chase, and 5000) on both the indoor and outdoor track, as well as cross country running. The CTAC season operates from September to June. New members are welcome anytime. 

CTAC is a non profit corporation with a parent volunteer board of directors.

Our Coaches

Dave Christiani - Head Coach - Coach

Dave has been coaching young athletes at the high school level for 32 years, and club athletes for 17 years. Retired from teaching Dave now coaches full time at the Central Toronto Athletic Club. As Head Coach at CTAC Dave is responsible for coaching our Midget, Youth, Junior and Senior athletes. He is also responsible for designing the training programs for our junior and senior athletes, and advising his assistant coaches on the implementation of their programs.
Coaching Philosophy
Dave’s goal is to enable and inspire athletes of all ages, to maximize their potential and instill self-confidence by creating a relaxed and positive environment where athletes will succeed.  Dave believes athletes achieve their full athletic potential in a structured and nurturing environment, and that they gain strength from the synergy that exists in a strong training group.  Everyone improves at an accelerated rate.   
Dave not only has an extensive background in middle distance coaching, but is also a seasoned coaching course instructor\evaluator and race organizer. Below is a list of Dave’s credentials.
Coaching Experience
2015 World Youth Championships, (Cali, Columbia) Team Canada, Head Coach
2013 World Cross Country Championships (Bydgoszcz, Poland) Team Canada, Associate Head 
2013 NACAC Cross Country Championships (Mandeville, Jamaica) Team Canada, Head Coach    
2011 Pan American Junior Track & Field Championships (Miami, Florida) Team Canada, Distance Staff Coach
2010 Chiba Ekiden (Tokyo Japan) Team Canada Coach
2009 Canada Summer Games, Head Coach Team Ontario, Athletics
2009 World Cross Country Championships (Amman, Jordan) Team Canada, Head Coach
2008 World Cross Country Championships (Edinburgh, Scotland) Team Canada, Head Coach
2008 NACAC Cross Country Championships (Orlando, Florida) Team Canada, Head Coach
2007 Pan American Junior Track & Field Championships (Fortaleza, Brazil) Team Canada, Distance Staff Coach
2007 & 2008 Team Ontario Head Coach, Eastern Canadian Espoir Championships (St.John’s, Newfoundland)
2006 North American Central America and Caribbean region (NACAC) Cross Country Team Canada, Staff Coach
2005 Pan American Junior Track & Field Championships (Windsor, Ontario) 
Team Canada, Distance Staff Coach
2005 Canada Summer Games, Staff Distance Coach Team Ontario, Athletics
2003 Chiba Ekiden (Tokyo Japan) Team Canada Coach
Fully accredited personal coach at 2004 World Cross Country Championships, Brussels.
Staff distance coach for the Ontario Team at the 2002/2003/2004 Eastern Canada Espoir Championships

Amanda Lampard - Coach

Amanda coaches our Youth and Junior athletes. She is a National Coaching Certification Level 2 Sport Coach with Athletics Canada.  She has taught in the private school system before giving up her career to focus on raising her three children.  She is an accredited British Gymnastics Coach for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and has coached at a private school in London, England.  Amanda has been a competitive athlete her entire life having run marathons and half marathons and currently enjoys competing at the regional level in cross fit competitions. 

Aside from her coaching expertise, Amanda brings energy, a strong willingness to learn, and a female perspective to our coaching staff.  She shares the responsibilities of monitoring and coaching the High School Group along with Dave.

Brent Lockridge - Coach

Brent has coached at the elementary and middle school level at Northlea Public school, and at the high school level with Leaside High.  Brent also founded and coached the Leaside Youth Athletic Club, an athletic club for grade 4-8 students that teaches the fundamentals of athletics, for 4 years, and coached the Junior Olympian Program for the Toronto Olympic Club for 2 years.

Brent believes that when coaching entry level middle distance runners it is very important to, first and foremost, teach fundamental movement skills that strengthen the body and enable kids to build a strong foundation to take on the demands of distance running.  He wants to see all of our young athletes do their best, but not at the cost of their future running career, this is why our programs are designed to develop young athletes in a safe but challenging environment. Brent feels it is important that young athletes understand that success in our sport is a long term process and a commitment to training often results in performing to ones potential. Experience has shown him that kids like to hang out with their peers; and he feels that it is very important that our young athletes enjoy the social part of their running experience as much as they enjoy the physical exhilaration of running and competing. 

Brent played many sports as a kid; hockey, baseball, soccer, squash, tennis, golf, and played 3 years of professional hockey in Europe.  He continues to be active, competing in cycling, running and triathlons for the past 25 years. He has completed a number of marathons and has competed in 13 Ironman Triathlons including two times at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

John Ellis - Coach

John is a familiar face on the Toronto running scene, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our coaching staff. John will be working with Brent Lockridge as a coach of our Bantam and Midget athletes.

John has been a teacher with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) for 17 years.  He enjoys coaching and working with students in order to develop their athletic skills. Over the years, he has been able to successfully motivate students and encourage them to be physically active.  John has his specialist qualification in Physical and Health Education and National Coaching Certifications in Track and Field, as well as Basketball and Soccer.  He has been involved with a variety of sports over the years, as volunteer, coach, trainer and athlete. With his knowledge about age appropriate skills and activities, John’s goal is for athletes to have fun as well as learn. He believes that physical activity should be part of one’s lifestyle (just ask his 3 boys).  

His personal interests and activities include: running, spinning, working out, basketball, soccer, personal fitness training and nutrition. John was a member of the Toronto Olympic Club and previously a New Balance Sponsored Runner (1995-1998).  Since 1990, he has competed in over 10 marathons and numerous 5km and 10km races. He has recently started participating in Spartan Races. John has also volunteered as the pace setter (“rabbit”) for TDSB’s Cross Country meets. 

CTAC is a competitive running club for youths aged 11 (grade 6) and up. We are located in central Toronto and most of our athletes come from the North York, East York and Beaches area of the city.