Meet Protocol

Structured high performance middle distance training

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Time of arrival and where to meet the team will be communicated to athletes for each individual meet.  In most instances, it is recommended that athletes arrive 1.5 hours prior to the start of their race at a track meet.  It provides the athletes with sufficient time to register, walk the course (cross country season) or familiarize themselves with the venue (track), and still have enough time to comfortably complete a proper warm up prior to the start of their race.  Athletes will sit with coaches and team members at a designated area.  Parents are invited to sit with the team if allowed by the venue.  Parents are encouraged to support their runners(s) and the other runners on the team, but are asked to refrain from coaching or otherwise instructing the athletes on technique or strategy.  Please see the section on parent involvement in this handbook.

CTAC is a competitive running club for youths aged 11 (grade 6) and up. We are located in central Toronto and most of our athletes come from the North York, East York and Beaches area of the city.